Are you a fun of vaporizers? We cannot dispute the fact that it is beneficial to use vape pens, including glass domes. Questions related to vapes can adequately answered. However, many people do not know what it takes to grow cannabis. Growing companion plants with cannabis have numerous benefits. This blog discusses companion crops and cannabis growth.

In normal circumstances, cannabis cultivators don't bother growing other crops apart from cannabis. However, monoculture can hurt the soil when practiced for a long time. Including companion crops in your firm will help make your cannabis growing efficient and sustainable. You will enjoy bigger yields, healthy crops, and tasty buds. Additionally, companion creps also make your farm grow naturally; hence you will not need fertilizers or pest control chemicals.

Companion Planting

In cannabis growing, companion growing is an agricultural practice where a farmer grows different crop species alongside the cannabis plant. The method has been used for a long time now for both gardening and agriculture. It provides many benefits when growing cannabis. As already mentioned, cannabis growing is typically done in monoculture. That is because most cannabis farmers always want to make the most out of their work and have no time to indulge in other crops. However, engaging in polyculture comes with numerous benefits, especially when cannabis is concerned. The practice is beneficial whether you are doing it outdoors or indoors.

Importance Of Companion Planting

Protects Your Cannabis from Strong Wind And Harsh Weather

When you plant large companion plants, you will no longer have to worry about strong winds and harsh weather. The crops act as windbreakers against strong winds, and they also provide shelter in hot weather or heavy rains. That is advantageous regardless of the locality of your farm.

Eliminates Unwanted Insects and Pests

There are many ways companion plants keep insects and pests away from your cannabis planta. For example, flowers and herbs may release chemicals in the r or into the soil for repelling pests such as slugs, aphids, and moths. Hence, there is no need for the farmer to buy insecticides or pesticides, thus saving some cash.

However, that is not the only way.  Some companion plant produces pollen or nectar that attracts advantageous insects to your farm. The insects include ladybugs, praying mantis, and lacewings, the natural predators of pest larvae. Additionally, companion planta like garlic acts as a pest repellant and fungicide.

Provides Your Cannabis with Natural Camouflage

Regardless of where you grow your cannabis, you will always be required to keep your crops under the radar. It is easy – keep your cannabis well hidden among companion crops; hence nobody will discover them easily. For that reason, large companion plants are the best for camouflaging, especially if they look like cannabis. Such crops include ragweed and stinging nettle.

Improves The Cannabis Growth Conditions by Providing Nutrients

Companion plants support the optimum growth conditions of cannabis. They improve the quality of the soil in aspects like drainage, thus hindering water loss. That saves you from irrigating your cannabis every time, thus saving your time and effort. Additionally, other crops like sweet pean and clover have nitrogen-fixing bacteria, implying that you will not need to purchase nitrogenous fertilizer for your cannabis. You are, again, saving your cash and time. Also, some crops may accumulate iron, magnesium, or calcium levels in the soil, thus providing your cannabis the best environment for growth. For that reason, you will not bother with artificial farming processes.

Companion Plants Support Natural and Ecosystem-Friendly Cannabis Growth

Growing only a single type of crop on a large scale is not natural, and it's not recommended in any way. In modern times, the monoculture has been accompanied by many downsides in the agricultural world. Crops in monoculture usually become susceptible to infestations and pest attacks. When that happens, the only savior is synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides for barely keeping them alive. However, if you plant companion plants in your cannabis garden, you let your farm be as natural as possible. For example, when you visit a forest, you will see every crop growing together in harmony. Each plant plays an important role in stabilizing the ecosystem and mostly the soil. The improved soils and absence of chemicals in your farm will make your cannabis grow naturally. Additionally, you will yield high-quality cannabis with high-grade tastiness.

Best Companion Plants to Grow With Cannabis

There are many companion plants that you could grow alongside your cannabis plants. Each of them is beneficial in its unique ways. Below is a shortlist of the common companion crop that could be grown with your cannabis plants with importance.


The size of sunflowers makes them perfect companion plants for hiding cannabis. Also, they repel harmful pests and insects away from your cannabis and improve soil quality.


This is a herbal crop that boosts the growth and survival of all the other plants near it. Also, chervils eliminate slugs, mostly grown with coriander and dill. The crop grows faster and does not need any special maintenance.


It is a popular cooking ingredient that attracts wasps and bees. These insects will then feed on caterpillars, spiders, and mites.


The crop is popular for improving oil production in the surrounding plants. Additionally, it improves the quality of soils while attracting ladybugs and wasps that predate on other harmful pests and insects invading your cannabis.

Lemon balm

The crops are appealing to the eyes. Its powerful scents keep away harmful poets while attracting those beneficial to your cannabis plant. Also, with this crop, you won't have to worry about someone noticing the cannabis smells as it gets covered.


This crop is popular for fixing sulfur, potassium, and calcium in the soil., for that reason, your cannabis will grow comfortably without malnutrition of any of the mentioned nutrients. Apart from that, it is also a common enemy for most cannabis pests.


The crop's strong scents keep away spider mites and potato beetles that attack bhang mostly. Additionally, it attracts beneficial insects such as wasps that feed on other pests that are harmful to cannabis.


The crop is widely known as living mulch as it provides the soil with rich and healthy nutrients. It also regulates the moisture flow in the soil, preventing any unnecessary evaporation.

Sweet basil

It is an essential cooking herb that helps repel harmful pests and insects away from your cannabis. Its scent also attracts beneficial insects that protect your farm against harmful ones. Additionally, the crop improves the terpene production of cannabis.

White clover

The crop is crucial for providing nitrogen to the other surrounding plants, thus reducing the need to supplement your cannabis with artificial nitrogenous fertilizer.

Red clover

Same to white clover, it also provides nitrogen to the other nearby planta. It also improves the soil drainage, thus giving your cannabis a better environment for vigorous growth. The plant is also easy to grow; hence you don't need to worry about it.


The crops improve the soil's water retention capability, beneficial to hot outdoor conditions. Additionally, it is a nitrogen-fixing plant; thus, you will not need an artificial supplement.


It is a hardy plant that provides the surrounding planta with essential growth minerals. Even when the crop dies, it supplies the soil with calcium and potassium nutrients essential for the growth of cannabis.


The crop produces a scent that repels insects and pests from your cannabis farm. It drives away insects like aphids, moths, ticks, and mites.


With their unique scent, any harmful cannabis pest like aphids, leafhoppers, rabbits, and beetles cannot come near your cannabis farm. Also, when they are dead, they make the soil nutritious with calcium and potassium.

Best Companion Planta for Specific Purposes in The Cannabis Farm

Including companion plants in your farm depends on the purpose you want the crops to serve.   For example, you may purpose to keep pests away or grow your weed without using artificial fertilizers. Also, maybe you want to make your cannabis plan inconspicuous so that no passer-by will notice.  There are many reasons you would want to include companion crops in your cannabis farm. Most of the companion crops work if grown among others. Don't worry about the combination of the companion plants to select; we've categorized them for you:

Companion Plants for Attracting Beneficial Insects

Defender Buddy Mix Pack will genuinely keep harmful insects away from your cannabis plant by attracting predators. You can include chamomile, lavender, dill, yarrow, and sunflower.

Scare Harmful Pests Away

Scare Buddy Mix Pack will help you if your need is to scare harmful pests and insects away. The plant in this collection produces crucial oils that act as repellants to repel harmful insects. They include basil, coriander, marigold, lavender, and chervil.

Improve The Soil Quality

The nutrient buddy mix pack contains all the plants you need to fix your farm's nutrients. They include red clover, white clover, borage, alfalfa, and cerastium.

Hide your cannabis from people

If your purpose is to protect and conceal your cannabis, Stealth Buddy Mix Pack is here for you. Plants in this collection grow tall, providing a perfect environment for concealing your cannabis. Also, they have a strong scent that hides the cannabis scent from the outside world. This pack includes lemon balm, peppermint, sunflower, marigold, and lavender.

Grow The Companion Plants at The Right Time

Knowing the right time to plant your companion crops in the bhang plant is important. For instance, for stealth, you need to plant them early to make them mature before including the cannabis. Plant them earlier and let them bloom before planting your cannabis for the scare and defending companion plants. You need to keep the timing at the back of your mind so that you won't miss out on any.

How To Prepare Soil for Companion Planting

Pest fighting parameter in companion plants lies; in fact, there are beneficial bacteria. It has been proved to protect cannabis against pests and diseases. Using artificial fertilizers is hazardous to the soil. However, with companion plants with the nutrient fixing capability, you won’t have you worry about them anymore. Moreover, that also saves your cash and efforts that you would have used to buy the fertilizer. Also, using companion crops like garlic help do away with fungal diseases that your cannabis will be safe and sound as long as the garlic is present.

The Bottom Line

Growing companion crops in your cannabis farm has numerous benefits. For example., if you want to conceal that you are growing cannabis, companion plants will be your savior. If you want to protect your cannabis from dangerous weather, pests, and insects, you need companion plants. Apart from offering you cannabis protection, companion plants also help you save some cash. For instance, the money you would have used to buy artificial fertilizer will be saved if you choose your companion crop carefully. You have to note the time of planning to get the best out of companion plants. In case you need CBD products, including CBD oil, reach out to Just CBD Store.

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